How To Get An Amazon Associates Account and API

Many people want to promote Amazon products as an affiliate but they are unable to get approved or they have an Amazon Associates account but are unable to get approved for API access to use tools to help build their sites.

I am going to cover both of those aspects and help walk you through both.

Getting Approved For an Amazon Associates Account

The main issue people have getting approved for an Associates account is that they do not have a website  to show Amazon. So the first step in the process is to create a site to show Amazon but not just any website will do.

The best chance of getting approved is to have a site that is based around products that Amazon sells.  This shows Amazon that you have a site based around their products and it would be beneficial to be able to refer your visitors to Amazon to buy those products.

To gain access to the Amazon API, you will need to first make 3 affiliate sales on Amazon.  Creating the site mentioned above will give you the best opportunity to do that.

Let’s get your site created.  The video below will walk you through that process.

You will need to install WordPress on your site  to follow along or you can have us do it for you here:



A couple key points from the video above.  Your website MUST:

  • Have unique content based around products that are sold on Amazon

-You can use our DFY content:  Affiliazon DFY or order articles from Fiverr

  • Have the required legal pages (Privacy Policy, Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer, Contact Page, etc)
  • Have at lest 5-10 quality pages

Your website MUST NOT:

  • Contain any Amazon logos or trademark content
  • Contain any images you took off of Amazon
  • Contain any customer reviews taken off of Amazon
  • Display any prices that do not update automatically

Once you have the content added to your site, you can submit it to Amazon for approval.

Getting Amazon API Approval

Once you gain approval to the Amazon Associates Program, the next step to gain access to the API is to get 3 sales.

I am quite certain that everyone has friends and family who buy products from Amazon.  The easiest way to get your first 3 sales is to simply ask friends and family to make their next Amazon purchase through your affiliate link.  This has no effect on them, they don’t pay more or have to do anything different.  They just make their purchase as they normally would but by using your link.

Once you get those 3 sales, you can then get access to the Amazon API and you are all set.


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