About Kurt Chrisler

kurt chrisler

Kurt Chrisler started marketing online back in 2007. He got his start by creating several successful ecommerce websites that went on to serve thousands of customers.

While running his ecommerce sites he started creating other sites using the WordPress platform. He quickly realized, that while the platform was great, it lacked some features that he needed.

So he hired a couple developers to create add-on software to help utilize the WordPress platform better. The software was such a time saver that decided there must be other marketers that would also like to use it so he began selling it.

Today, over 25,000 customers have used at least one of his 20+ software programs across the globe. All of his software continues to focus on the wildly popular WordPress platform.

In addition, Kurt Chrisler has developed several physical product brands that are sold on Amazon. Over 35,000 customers have used his physical products to rave reviews. Several have also achieved the “Amazon Choice” designation.

Outside of business, Kurt Chrisler enjoys spending time with his family, hitting the golf course, and being obsessed with the Wisconsin Badgers.

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